While Parkour is a great way to get fit it will be faster to learn and get into if your body is prepared for all the movements. One reason why you need some level of fitness is because parkour requires agility, balance and cardiovascular conditioning. Here are a few ways to prepare yourself for this fun filled activity.

The first thing you need to do is start some cardio exercise. This exercise doesn’t have to be intense but could consist of something simple like brisk walking or running several times a week. This simple addition to your exercise routine will help build your stamina which is very vital for the constant movement that parkour requires. Other ways to incorporate cardio into your routine is through exercises such as wind sprints, stair climbs, mountain climbers and burpees.

Also, for parkour you need to build up your strength as this is essential for moving your body over obstacles. Start with basic bodyweight exercises such as pull ups, crunches squats, leaps and lunges. These movements will help strengthen your core and ease your movements for climbs and leaps.

A good sense of balance is also essential for parkour. If you have a gymnastic background then balance will come easy but if not try practising your balance by working on a straight line. Planks and stability ball exercises are also great for improving your balance and strengthening your core.

Increase your agility as parkour requires you to be agile as you are thinking and moving at the same time. At Streetmotion Exeter we have trainers who will take you through coaching designed to increase your agility.

With Parkour you get the physical and health benefits of a gym but with added excitement and less monotony. If you have never done any exercise don’t fret as we at Streetmotion will help you start out as a beginner and gently get better!