3Run 360 Volts Parkour Freerunning Tricking Trainer/Shoe

There have been murmurings for a while from the 3Run crew that they were going to be releasing their own Freerunning shoe. Aside from rumours and the occasional prototype photo, details have been sketchy and a bit hush hush. All that changed yesterday, with Tuesday 1’st May being announced on Facebook as the official Launch Date.

The Trainers are currently available to buy online in the 3run shop for £29.99 + £8 postage. £8 seems a bit steep but I ordered yesterday afternoon and they arrived 10am this morning so can’t really complain about that! They are nicely packaged too.

First impressions:

They appear to be everything the Parkour Visions from Decathlon should have been … lightweight, thin sole, flexible and very sticky grip! These look like they are going to be a winner and if you are looking for a replacement for the much loved but long discontinued Kalenji Success this is probably the closest you’re going to get.

Available in sizes 6 – 10 they are a very good fit so buy for your actual size rather than going one size down as is advisable with the Decathalon Parkour Visions. Buy the 3run 360 Volt’s online here:


Once we’ve had time to test them on the streets we’ll write up a proper review. Until then, here are some photos to wet your appetite…

3Run 360 Volts Parkour Freerunning Tricking Footwear

3Run 360 Volts Freerunning Shoe Sole

3Run 360 Volts Packaging

3Run 360 Volts Parkour Trainer

3Run 360 Volts Parkour Trainer