Street Motion Freerunning Academy – Indoor

“I have been going to the club since it started in Exeter. I think that the club is really good; it has really helped to develop my Free Running skills. The Instructors are really good at teaching Parkour. As well as doing a club, Street Motion recently did a Free Running birthday party for me, where they coached us for an hour and a half. Street Motion is the best, now I have learnt to do a backflip!”
Sam, Student
“I booked Street motion for my son’s 15th birthday as a surprise for him and his friends. Even at late notice, Street Motion were brilliant in terms of securing a venue and organising the whole thing! Without any previous experience, in just a pair of trainers, they were all performing trick moves, mid air flips and back somersaults by the end of the hour!”
Charlotte Hill, Parent
Freerunning has increased my sons’ confidence; it’s a very sociable activity and an excellent form of exercise. It can be very hard to find a class that is said to be “cool” in order to get your child to exercise, fortunately, Street Motion is one of these classes.
I have a son and a daughter who participate in parkour with great eagerness every week. Street Motion instructors are enthusiastic, encouraging, inclusive and above all professional. They bring a high level of skill to the club and inspire all the youngsters each week.
My sons (aged 12 and 14) have been participating at Street Motion for over a year now and it has been a most inspirational sport that my children have not only enjoyed but gained a lot of confidence through.

What is Street Motion?
Street Motion is a discipline in it’s own right, a sport and art-form which combines all the best elements from popular contemporary urban movement styles into our own unique training programme. Our core beliefs are rooted firmly in the philosophy of Parkour, embracing the concept of non-competitive sport and a holistic attitude to life. Street Motion is about seeing the world differently, breaking boundaries and is a metaphor for greatness. It’s about being a better person today than you were the day before and having fun whilst doing so.

Why Street Motion?

1. No Expensive Equipment
Parkour/Freerunning requires no special equipment. All you need is a t-shirt, some jogging bottoms and a pair of trainers. If you prefer you can train in jeans (though we wouldn’t necessarily recommend it), likewise shoes are recommended but optional as some of our members prefer to train barefoot.

2. Alternative to Traditional Sports
Freerunning often appeals to young people who have little interest in the common team sports offered in school and is a great alternative to spending long hours in front of a television or games console. It is also not uncommon for members who have gained confidence from free running to then take up other sports in future which they would have never previously considered.

3. Keep Fit
You don’t need to be an Olympic athlete to start Freerunning. A good level of fitness will always be an advantage but so long as you can run and jump then the rest will come through regular practice.

4. Develop Unbeatable Strength and Fitness
Freerunning develops strength, explosive power, muscular endurance, flexibility, spatial awareness, balance and coordination that few other sports can match.

5. Practical Self-Defence Skills
Freerunning trains the ‘flight’ element of the body’s instinctive ‘fight/flight’ Response; Something which is missing from nearly all traditional martial arts training.

6. Self Confidence
The practice of Freerunning is as much about training the body as it is the mind. Participants quickly learn the importance of self belief and trusting their own ability in order to progress.

7. Make new friends.
Street Motion Freerunning Academy is a great place to make new friends and train with like minded individuals. As a non-competitive sport, members are encouraged to share their knowledge with one another and create a positive environment in which to train.

8. Improve Concentration
The focus and repetition of simple movements which form the basis and fundamentals of Freerunning develop concentration skills which transfer to other areas of life and can help improve concentration in school, college and work.

9. Sleep Better
Modern sedentary lifestyles involving little movement throughout the course of the day induce stress and agitation which can have a negative impact on sleep patterns. Freerunning is an intense physical activity which is a great way to release stress and excess energy and can also contribute to an improved quality of sleep.

10. Active Lifestyle
Parkour/Freerunning is more than just a sport, its a way of life. It may seem difficult to believe now but after training for a few months you wont be able to walk through a city and look at the walls that surround it in the same way again! Most free runners who have been training a bit longer and are serious about their sport soon realise the importance of good nutrition and change their diets for the better once they experience the results. If you long for a healthier lifestyle but cant quite find the motivation this could be your answer.

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