Last Thursday we were visited by Sam of She visited our flagship Street Motion Academy of Parkour & Freerunning in Exeter as part of her mission to try 100 sports/fitness classes in the space of 12 months. Despite arriving with a lower back sprain and a fear of heights she gave it 110% and can now tick another sport off the list.

“When I declared to my family at tea time, that I was going to Exeter to try parkour, my children sniggered.  The fact that Olly at seven then preceded to beg me if he could come as well, made me worry that this might be more his thing than mine.  Parkour or freerunning, is essentially a way of getting from A to B by running, jumping and if you like, adding some tricks.  You can see it in music videos, where cool, fit looking people run across buildings, jumping over stairwells and anything else, which gets in their path.  To watch it is pretty awesome, so although I was eager to see it in real life, I was pretty daunted at the prospect of trying it myself.”

Read Sam’s full story here.