freerunner movie

“Freerunner is a based on a conceptual where chosen freerunners have to race against time scanning their collar belt on every check point within a given time limit. Their collar is fitted with a bomb which will blow off if they get out of green zone (area allowed to race), or it can be detonated manually too by the owner. At every checkpoint the last one to arrive gets eliminated. Winner of the race gets a prize of million dollars.

The runners are chosen according to their performance in the local races. Ryan, Kid Elvis, Mitch, Decks, Turk, West, Freebo and Finch are the eight such runners chosen against their will to participate. Bets are placed on their heads as race begins. Their race activity is monitored by the camera’s present all over the city and also their collar cam. Their objective is to make it to the city bridge within sixty minutes or they all are dead.”

Starring Professional British Freerunner, Ryan Doyle