When coaching parkour/freerunning the question I hear most is “are my shoes good for parkour/freerunning? Most people worry about the grip of the shoes. Although it is easier when your shoes have brilliant grip, it is not always the best. I have trained in many different shoes, some have good grip some have terrible grip, but it really doesn’t matter. A long as you keep your core muscles tight, you can cat leap to any wall. Yes even walls covered in moss!puma faas j m 2

 Bearing all that in mind, today Streetmotion has done a review of the Puma Faas 300’s for all you people who want to know what shoe is best.

In parkour no shoe is quite simply “the best”. It depends upon personal preference and what makes you comfortable. Now the Puma Faas 300’s come very close to perfect. They are so flexible I can roll them up and twist them any way I please. This is a great advantage as rail precisions are especially difficult when the sole of your shoe is inflexible. Weighing just under 7 ounces they are extremely light. This is a result of the mesh used for a lot of the shoe. The drawback of this is that they are not waterproof, so these shoes are not best for training in the rain.

 Rain training : 6 (despite not being waterproof they are not too bad in wet conditions)

Looks : 9 (many colors are available)

Grip : 9 (once worn in)

Durability : 7 (mine lasted 11 months, for a parkour shoes this is good)

Weight : 10 (they are extremely light)

Comfortability : 7

Price: 6 (a retail price of £69.99 is a lot. Although you can find them at half the price on amazon and eBay)

 Overall these shoes are very good. The last thing I have to say about these shoes is that they don’t only come in so many different colors, they also use slightly different materials for each color. This review is of the whole range in general. However Puma Faas 300 Jamaica ii are the best I have come across.