Participation Agreement

Participation in any activities or events delivered by Street Motion is subject to the understanding, acceptance and agreement of the terms outlined below:

Parkour and Freerunning activities have an inherent risk of injury and although the club will endeavour to minimise any risk, accidents may still happen. It is required that all members abide by the safety rules and codes of conduct at all times.

The participant/parent are required to ensure that the member is physically fit and healthy to participate and will adhere to the safety rules and code of conduct. You must assume responsibility for skills you may undertake that are outside of the coaches qualification.

You may not hold Streetmotion responsible for any skills that you undertake without a coaches consent.

Should you choose to take any skills you have learnt here outside of a supervised environment it is understood that you do so at entirely your own risk. All coaches are insured in respect of legal liabilities but personal accident insurance for participants is not covered. Any extension of insurance cover is your responsibility.

I confirm that I have seen, understood and accept the policies of Streetmotion Freerunning Academy.