Simplified Terms & Conditions

We understand that nobody likes reading through pages of small print so here is a simplified version of our terms and conditions.

It is important that you still find time to read through the entire document when you get a chance but these are the key facts you need to be aware of.

• Subject to the Consumer Contracts Regulations (Previously Distance Selling Regulations) any membership purchased via internet or telephone is eligible for a 14 day ‘cooling off period’ where you may cancel the membership without incurring any additional cancellation charges. – This would not include a refund of your joining fee and you would be required to pay the full non-member price (currently £12) for any session attended during this time.

• Our pricing takes into account the scheduled term dates so although you pay the same amount each month, you are effectively not being charged for the times we are closed.

• Unattended sessions do not ‘roll over’ to the next week/month.

• In the rare event that a class is cancelled due to circumstances outside our control, you are welcome to attend another class at an alternative day/time/venue within 7 days.

• All memberships are subject to a minimum term contract (6 Months). This allows us to keep our prices fair for a sport which has disproportionally high equipment costs compared to most martial arts and similar recreational sport/activities.

• It is a condition of membership that you have read, understood and agree to the terms of our Participation Agreement. You also agree to follow all other Street Motionrules and regulations, whether in writing or verbal instructions from staff.

• We require 30 days notice if you wish to cancel a membership after the minimum term has elapsed. Therefore should you wish to cancel at the end of the 6th month we will need to have received a written cancellation request (email is sufficient) by the end of the 5th month.

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