Here’s your chance for 3 seconds of fame in the month leading up to Christmas!

Over the next few weeks we are inviting all our academy members and facebook followers to submit their own freerunning videos to us.

You can do this in a number of ways, either by posting a youtube link, or by uploading to the facebook page, or uploading to a free file hosting site such as and then sharing the link on our facebook page.

Try to film and upload in the highest quality you have available. The footage can be any parkour or freerunning type movements you like. Single clips or short edits, it doesn’t matter. We will pick the best and compile it all together into one streetmotion Christmas video.

Closing Date: 15th December – So you have just over 2 weeks to send your videos to us. On the 15th Dec we will download all the videos that have been submitted and edit into one big Street Motion Christmas video and upload it on December 20th.