Prototyping of Custom Parkour Equipment Begins..

We have talked about this since the beginning, and many ideas had been put on paper but few made it further than that … until now.

The grand plan is to replace 80% of our existing equipment at Exeter Sports Academy with brand new custom built items, precision engineered with enough steel to make Brunel blush.

While there are already a number of ‘parkour’ equipment brands on the market, we feel that the quality just isnt there and that they have missed some opportunities to do some really cool things. The Street Motion Parkour cubes will be built strong and built to last and more importantly they have been designed to take any thing (and indeed anyone) you can throw at them!

We hope to have a couple of the early prototypes available for you to try out at our 5 Hour Halloween Gathering on October 31st at ESA.

custom parkour boxes precision engineered.

custom freerunning equipment