“THE first free running classes to be held in Exeter start this week. Dominic Rott, of Streetmotion, will be teaching the urban acrobatics to adults and children on Wednesday evenings. But they won’t be trying to vault, flip, spin and roll across rooftops as they might have seen experts doing in the movies or on television. They will be learning in a safe, indoor environment with soft landing mats.
Dominic said: “Free running is about looking at and using your surroundings, such as walls and railings, in a different way, to create movement.”Free running is not the same as parkour, although the two are physically similar. Dominic’s classes will cover elements of both disciplines. “Parkour is about efficient movement – getting from one place to another in a fast, fluid way,” said the 25-year-old from Totnes. “Free running is more about self-expression.”

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