June 29th 2013, Street Motion Freerunning Academy members participated in the BBC Production Wild, which was broadcast Live between 9am and 10am on Saturday.

Preparations for the show involved a 7 hour practice session at the Street Motion Riverside Academy in Exeter followed by another full day of rehearsals a week later on location with the BBC in Devon.

On the day of the filming, everyone involved had to get up at 4am to allow for two more complete run-throughs of the show before going live at 9am. This in itself was a difficult challenge, but made easier with the promise of hot bacon rolls awaiting us upon arrival!

Despite the lack of sleep, early mornings, long drives and numerous amusing mess ups during the rehearsals, when the final moment arrived and we were in the spotlight on live national television, the whole team stepped up to the challenge like pros and delivered a world class performance.

You can watch our part of the show here on the Street Motion Youtube Channel:

or if you are quick, you can watch the entire Episode on BBC iPlayer: