Parkour handbook

When I first started parkour there was no one to really tell me “the proper way” to perform each move. All I had was YouTube and my friends. Anyway a few months into training I came across “The Parkour and Freerunning handbook” by Dan Edwards. It helped me build up my knowledge and understanding of parkour.

This book was published by Virgin in mid 2009 and retails for £9.99. It comes in two different covers even though the information is still the same. It’s made out of a tough heavy weight paper that feels strong with a harder but flexible cover. It is no bigger than a water bottle tall and can be folded up to fit in your bag.


Written by Dan Edwards (one of the earliest English practitioners) it’s sure has some good knowledge and can teach a lot to a beginner. Practitioners of parkour tend to be visual learners so this book has just as many images as words. It takes the r

Parkour book tut

eader step by step through each move and notes the key points to remember when

performing the movement explained. It contains over 20 different tutorials.

This book does not only show you movements it also helps create a mindset in your head for respective and efficient training. It encourages you to respect you environments as well as the people around you and even yourself.

Here’s a quote from the book ” Everything you do has an impact on your personal, mental and physical development as you progress through life: how and what you eat, how you train, how you think, how you rest, how you work and so on. All of these areas can either positively or negatively affect your overall health and abilities. The demands of parkour are such that you cannot separate how you practice from how you live”