Next year UTX will be hosting the UK’s first Open Parkour Event. The UTX World Gathering is a weekend long event in Birmingham on 8th-9th June 2013 which celebrates the urban sports of Tricking and Parkour.

The UTX World Gathering

Day 1
Seminars and training jam in the UTX Academy
Day 2
Full competition in the NIA Community centre location across the road from the academy, we will have people from around the world coming to either jam compete or both!

The Parkour and freerunning competition

Parkour aka Freerunning is a physical and mental art/discipline in which Free-Runner’s train with the intent to develop their mind and body in order to overcome and/or interact with obstacles in urban and natural environments in the most intelligent and physically challenging manner. Free-Running movements include … running, balance, vaulting, rolling, climbing, and jumping. Movements from other physical disciplines are often used. Acrobatic movements can be used but are not the primary focus, therefore acrobatics and tricking alone do not constitute Free-Running.

The Parkour and Freerunning competition will have 2 basic categories speed and creativity

Speed category is simply about getting from 1 side of the course to the other as quickly as possible

Creative section is about using the environment competitors will use more flash then efficiency


Tricking is a sport which is a fusion of martial arts style kicks, gymnastic flips and twists, break dancing style, and creative new moves never seen outside of the sport.

Tricking Battle – 1 on 1 and team battles, have a 1min to and take turns executing they best moves and combinations trying to 1 up the opponent. The winner is based on style, variation and difficultly

Extreme Martial Arts forms

Extreme Martial Arts forms is an evolution in traditional martial arts patterns or katas in sport martial arts competitions people would put acrobatics into their freestyle routines. These forms can be performed either open handed or with weapons. As years went on the moves got more and more flashy and eventually became known as Extreme Martial Arts forms

The Extreme Martial arts competition will run to NASKA forms rule by the British All Star Nationals